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A pencil portrait is ideal for celebrating an important occasion like a big birthday, a wedding gift or a new pet in your life. They are also a beautiful way of recording a precious memory of a person or animal no longer with us.

Based on a high quality photograph, Coralie accurately and sympathetically captures the likeness of the subject in fine detail using high quality graphite pencils and a range of drawing techniques.

Find out more below and check out the gallery of a small selection of commissioned pencil portraits from Coralie’s portfolio. You can also see the range of sizes and prices available at the bottom of the page.

Coralie sitting on a sofa drawing a pencil portrait accompanied by her cat.

Coralie settled on graphite pencil as her medium of choice in 2012 after completing a pencil portrait of a horse she once owned. She used her fingers to blend the graphite and fell in love with the soft image it created. Now, Coralie uses blending stumps, tortillons, dry brushes and chamois leather cloth to achieve different textures and blends. Her pencils of choice are Faber-Castell and Staedtler

Pencil portraits take a very long time to create. Depending on the size, this can be 10 to 24 hours or more. As this is spread out over evenings, the whole process of a commission can take many weeks to complete. Graphite pencils create narrow lines of shading which take a long time to build and blend into a complete picture. In contrast, Coralie’s mixed media portraits only take a few hours to finish; you can learn more about those here.

If a portrait commission is not for you, Coralie also creates personalised name art pieces including a name and animal or theme of your choice. This is done using her mixed media art style.

Once starting on a commission, Coralie enjoys getting into ‘the zone’ and finds the process very therapeutic. That’s why she will always find time for drawing within her busy life, which you can learn more about here.

Pencil Portrait Gallery


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