Personalised Name Art

If pencil portraits or a mixed media portrait is not what you’re looking for, you might like a personalised name art painting. Using her mixed media tools, Coralie creates a bespoke painting with a name and a chosen animal or theme.

Mixed media paintings are created using wet and dry versions of graphite and charcoal, as well as black fine-liner for added definition. Find out more below including the portfolio gallery and current prices.

Painting of a kiwi bird with the name Finlay

For her name art paintings, Coralie uses a personalised theme, such as a favourite animal, to create the image of the piece. The name is then painted (using a favourite colour if applicable) in large letters to ensure it stands out.

Personalised name art is a wonderful gift for someone looking for one-of-a-kind artwork by choosing just a theme and a name. Coralie then produces a mixed media painting that interweaves the name with an animal or theme. You can trust that this will be an original, bespoke piece designed for you just like a commission.

You can order a personalised piece of art at the contact page by filling in the form labelled ‘Name Art’. 

Name Art Gallery

  • A5 £15

    Approx. 1 week to complete

  • A4 £30

    Approx. 2 weeks to complete

  • A3 £50

    Approx. 3 weeks to complete


Prices include postage and packaging for UK orders.

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