Mixed Media Portfolio

If you’re looking for artwork that captures a fun moment or special someone in a more relaxed, fluid style, then a mixed media portrait is for you. They are quicker and simpler to create than the pencil portraits (but just as beautiful of course!) so they also suit orders with a quicker timeframe and/or lower budget.

Mixed media portraits are created using wet and dry versions of graphite and charcoal. Find out more below including the portfolio gallery and current prices.

Three Derwent paint pan sets including soluble graphite and charcoal arranged on a mixed media portrait of a woman.

Coralie uses soluble graphite and charcoal from the Derwent paint palette range including their special blend of graphite and colour known as Graphitint. Coralie first picked up the Derwent Shade and Tone mixed media set in 2023 and has been enjoying exploring the use of paint and pencil ever since. 

Using soluble graphite and charcoal creates a translucency that allows for more subtle layering and muted tones. Coralie enjoys working with these softer effects which is similar to her pencil portraits, but with the freedom and fluidity that paint allows. However, the paintings are not complete without the addition of dry media, such as graphite and coloured pencil, to create definition and finer details.

You can explore more of Coralie’s mixed painting and drawing style with her bespoke name art of a name and animal of your choice. Learn more about her personalised name art here.

Mixed Media Gallery

  • A5 - Person or Pet £20

    Approx. 1 week to complete

  • A4 - Person or Pet £40

    Approx. 2 weeks to complete

  • A3 - Person or Pet £60

    Approx. 3 weeks to complete


Prices include postage and packaging for UK orders.

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