About Coralie

Learn more about Coralie and her art journey below.

Based in the beautiful county of Cumbria, England, Coralie lives with her husband, two sons and two cats. 

Coralie works a full-time office job, meaning she fits in drawing when she can, mostly on an evening after the kids have gone to bed!

Starting Out

Since her first commission in 2007, Coralie has been drawing portraits of people’s beloved pets. Even while travelling, studying, working and starting a family, she has made time for her art. After ten years of doing ad hoc portraits mostly for friends and family, in 2017 she started taking her artwork more seriously. Coralie then began developing her creative business, with plenty of trial and error!

In 2020, while furloughed from work, Coralie began drawing people portraits for the first time, starting with simple line drawings for baby and child portraits. Check out the examples of Coralie’s early drawings below.

Creating Balance

Over the years Coralie has both pushed forward and pulled back in seeing art as a career. Different stages of life have created different demands on her time. Currently, work and family life take up the vast majority of Coralie’s time and energy. However, it is important to her to keep developing her craft as well as simply supporting her own wellbeing. She loves to draw and she loves to draw for other people, so, no matter how busy life gets, Coralie will always make time for her art.

Finding Focus

Coralie’s focus now is to continue improving her pencil portrait drawing and discovering new techniques such as her recent introduction to mixed media. While she enjoys making time for personal art projects, Coralie’s professional focus is on bespoke art and completing a few commissions each year. She has recently introduced name art as an additional product of personalised art.

If you would like a commission or to order her new name art, be sure to get in touch with Coralie as soon as possible to fit your order into her busy schedule!

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