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Coralie picking a pencil from her pencil wrap that contains all her drawing tools for her pencil portraits

About Coralie

Coralie Martlew Art is the home of Coralie’s artwork which specialises in graphite pencil and mixed media portraiture. Coralie’s aim is to capture a realistic likeness of her subject with a skilled, sympathetic hand that harnesses over three decades of patient drawing practice. 

Her pencil work focuses on fine details crafted with the soft, monochrome nature of graphite. Meanwhile, her work with mixed media uses a more relaxed, playful style that adds a subtle wash of colour using soluble graphite, charcoal and ink-type mediums. The finishing touches are then made with graphite pencil, coloured pencil and fine-liner pen.

Why choose Coralie Martlew Art?


A portrait commission is a unique piece of art crafted just for you as a special momento or to gift to a loved one.


Coralie has a lifetime of dedication to mastering the art of drawing and has been producing commissions for over 16 years.


Coralie will discuss your portrait needs in detail from the outset and will provide ongoing progress updates.


Your final portrait is delivered to you flat with protective cardboard packaging and bio-degradable cellophane to prevent damage.

Thrilled to have found Coralie! Coralie is so talented and skilled, applying such amazing detail and accuracy to draw our beautiful red labs for my hubby's new office! Horses next!

Which style is for you?

Pencil Portraits

If you’re looking for that extra special memento to mark an important occasion or record a precious memory of a person or animal in your life, a detailed pencil portrait is right for you.  Click the info card to find out more.

Coralie uses high quality graphite pencils in a range of gradients to build a highly-detailed pencil drawing over many hours. As a lot more time, experience and energy is put into this style of portrait, this is reflected in the higher price tag and longer timeframe for completion.
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Mixed Media Portraits

A mixed media portrait is ideal for capturing a fun moment or special someone in a more relaxed, fluid style. It is quicker to create and more budget-friendly. Click the info card to find out more.

Mixed media portraits are created using wet and dry versions of graphite and charcoal, as well as ink-type mediums. They are less detailed (but no less beautiful!) than their pencil counterparts and so are more suited to a quicker timeframe and/or lower budget.
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Ready for your very own work of art?

Contact Coralie with any questions or to discuss your commission.

Coralie drawing a horse - Coralie Martlew Art

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